Pine Tree Power’s campaign team is asserting their risky proposal is “By Mainers for Mainers.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is, Pine Tree Power’s campaign is being run in large part by an “international environmental organization” called From offices in Brooklyn and across the world, Pine Tree Power’s campaign operation is run through a Slack channel, complete with target assignments and work updates. Pine Tree Power’s on-the-ground campaign manager/ spokesperson is from Montana, and only came to Maine this year to help push this initiative.

In fact,

Pine Tree Power owes much of its existence to out-of-state interests. Pine Tree Power’s PAC has received

massive out-of-state donations, including $150,000 from a wealthy San Francisco couple with no apparent ties to Maine, as well as large donations from Washington DC advocacy groups.

Further, if Question 3 were to pass, it would take the current Maine-based electrical workforce and replace with an unknown, out-of-state for-profit corporation.

Pine Tree Power is a bad idea that is being pushed by an out-of-state organization in order to displace Maine workers in favor of another out-of-state organization.

“By Mainers for Mainers”? Not even close.