The Yes on 3 campaign is back with another false line of argument about Pine Tree Power. This time, they’re making false promises about Pine Tree Power’s impact on Maine’s renewable energy future.

In an ad featuring a Portland carpenter, the Pine Tree Power campaign falsely states that “Pine Tree Power will be focused on meeting Maine’s renewable energy goals.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, Pine Tree Power will slam the brakes on Maine’s renewable energy plans. According to Maine’s Public Advocate, the implementation of this ill-conceived initiative could take up to 10 years – putting Maine’s energy infrastructure into a deep freeze while developers wait for a stable environment before making further investments. As we know all too well, when Maine’s regulatory environment is unstable, investors look elsewhere to build their renewable energy projects.

Aside from the practical negative impacts on Maine’s clean energy future, the Question 3 campaign’s assertion is a complete fabrication. As it stands now, we don’t know who will be on Pine Tree Power’s board, or who will actually run its operations, or what its operating principles will be. And Question 3 does not require an operations plan that might clarify this for us. So we don’t know who will decide Pine Tree Power’s “focus” or what that “focus” will even be.

That means, contrary to their claims, that any “focus” on Maine’s renewable energy goals exists solely in the imagination of the campaign’s ad team.

In reality, Pine Tree Power will be devastating to our renewable energy goals because it will throw Maine’s energy industry into chaos. And despite what they’re claiming, they don’t even have a plan to make it otherwise.