Newscenter Maine did a fact check to determine if Pine Tree Power had an actual plan for their $13.5 billion government takeover of Maine’s electric grid. The answer for Pine Tree Power?

“Lucy Hochschartner, spokesperson for Our Power, said the plan is set in stone, and any fine details would be decided by the board of advisors.”

Um, what?

This doesn’t sound like much of a plan. The spokesperson for Our Power wants us to take their word for it that some mystery “board of advisors” will magically work out the details of a $13.5 billion electric utility that services more than 800,000 households across Maine?

The truth is, there is no plan. The actual bill we’ll be voting on in November simply directs the new Pine Tree Power organization to come up with a plan – there are no details. The bill doesn’t say who will be hired, who will run the company, who will turn the switch on, or who will fix the lines when they go down in the middle of winter. All it says is – come up with a plan.

Here’s the link to see for yourself. Pine Tree Power can’t even answer the question when asked.